Embrace the weeds!


I am a warrior.
I fight for my dreams.
My weapon is a hoe.

If you are the owner of any of the pictures and want me to take them down, just send me a message, they are here as i find them inspirational and i do not own them!

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Fuck the lawn. - Imgur

Fuck the lawn. - Imgur

My balcony garden in the east of France, seen from the street. Makes me happy each time I pass by, to see this small island of green :)

My balcony garden in the east of France seen from the street - there’s still plenty of things to optimise! :)

Crowdfunding Project about Democratic Education : Movie - Schools of Trust

This is another crowd funding project which I’d really like to be successful! Check it out!

In this documentary, we want to give you an insight in places, where a new story of education became reality. To share our experiences with you, we interviewed of students, teachers, parents, scientics and and filmed in innovative learning environments all over the world.

We plan to offer the full documantary for free in the Internet, present it in conferences all over the world and participate in various film festivals to spread out the message as far as possible. We want to publish it in the languages english, german, spanish, portuguese, french, dutch, turkish and russian.

Schulfrei Festival 2013 - A festival to celebrate freedom in education and its diverse paths

I do not only love gardening and permaculture and so on, but i also think that everyone should have the right to choose what he wants to learn! I have been to a state school, a kinda like Montessori school, a democratic school, i have learned from home (unschooling) and i am still learning! Even though there a only a very few democratic schools in Germany, and Home Education is illegal, me and a few friends are organizing a festival to celebrate our freedom in education - and we could use your help!

We still need some more money, so that everything will go smooth and cool, so we’ve started a crowdfunding project. So please contribute by giving a bit or just share it in your networks! Thank you!

And if you don’t like it, that’s okay too ;)

My balcony garden (north-east facing) in mid-june. The size of my balcony is approx. 0.45m².

My balcony garden (north-east facing) in mid-june. The size of my balcony is approx. 0.45m².